What Does Weza Do?

We create & convey Stories through games and interactive experiences.The company was formed early 2016 during the development of Mzito our flagship product. We realized that there were no interactive experiences created for Africa or about Africa and decided to take on that challenge. However, creating interactive experiences was not enough thus we decided to use this medium as a way to empower , inspire and entertain our players.

Besides mobile games we have also ventured into mobile app development as most of our products are based on phone, AR and 3d experiences for the corporate world.

We Entertain, Empower & Educate.

Our main areas of expertise include:

Game Development

We make mobile games that educate and entartain as well, we also offer game development consultancy.

Interactive Experiences

The services here include Edutainment, VR, AR and Electronic showcase experiences.

3D Experiences

We turn existing objects into an interactive 3D experience for customers to interact with before purchase.

We are a team of six rockstars in our fields namely George, Joshua, James, Andrew, Stephanie and Christian who help Weza achieve it's daily goals. We also love coffee.